Open doors at the ESAY

I always hear about it, I know a certain number of students who come and go every day between the school and the Foundation but curiously I had never seen it.
Finally I discovered the Superior School of Arts in Yucatán: ESAY, former trading station linked to Henequen. Gerda Grûber's henequen buds naturally find their place above the railroad tracks.

The building is bright, the clock that marks the time of the trains always sounds, the workshops are ventilated and full of light. The school was founded 12 years ago. Gerda is one of the founders.

I tell myself: how lucky are these students! 25 per generation.

The project of expansion recovering the old hangars has finally been successful. The work has begun. The school will be part of a park of 8 hectares. 8 hectares in the heart of the city. Thousands of m2 workshops open to the visual arts, music, theater, all of them in a public park.

Visit this places and future buildings with Saúl, director of the visual arts department.