Exposition évolutive LIEN / Echo parisien à la Biennale de Dakar

LIEN (bind) is a social exhibition and cultural heritage, an eco of the 2018 Dakar Biennial.

Pascale Fournier participated in the exhibition LIEN inaugurated may 15th 2018 in the Gallery 49 av. Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris.

Article published in the journal "Le Soleil de Dakar"  http://www.lesoleil.sn/2016-03-22-23-38-25/item/78295-echo-parisien-a-la-biennale-de-dakar-la -d-gallery-launches-a-exhibition-collective.html

The bind between the cultures and men exists everywhere in the geographic, cultural and religious frontiers. The art was there to proof "LIEN" (bind) is not an empty word.

I was there to watch how we share the same values and the same things concerning us.

Thank you to the "D Galerie" and "Domitille Bertrand " for gathered us in this exposition.

This "LIEN" exhibition was a chance for me to show the knitting and installation

Somebody said: "yes,  i understand the blue band which represents the .Mediterranean", other one mentioned "is the Samson and Dalida's chorus",  "The red net recalled me the red sea's journey". "It's very biblical." A little girl told me "they play, they jump".

Thanks to everyone for being there.

The oven's opening sets the end of my residence.

1060 °C. It all went well.
Everything was packed by Gerda Grüber's supervision eye.
The last picture. We embrace each other: yucatecan's warm and eloquent hug.
Coming back to Merida on Tuesday where I'll start with the final touches.
On the wait we forget everything, it's Easter Sunday and we are gathering with family and friends on the beach.

Jícaras: integral part of the Mayan culture

Jícaras: integral part of the Mayan culture. Multifunctional and omnipresent element for eating, for water or for bathing; they are always used. They have a sacred and magical dimension as can be seen in the Popol Vuh.
Each sphere means the mother, the human being and the world.
Each person is a world.
The tree also unites the earth with the sky.
The long wooden sticks placed across the spheres, interweave visually the space between each other, connecting the world and the Universe, just as wires do.
We live in a connected world.

Graphic Records: that the jungle has covered the immense Mayan archaeological sites or that the Roman vestiges are in the heart of Chassy, only updates us in a small way.
The History, the past civilizations and the men who lived there share with us everyday life.

Celtic cock at the top of the roof


How to live in the places?
In situ.
Appropriate the space. The artist with reflection, approach, ability to enliven and experience new ways of adaptation, participates in the preservation, transformation and renovation of places.

Integration or non-integration of works in outer space, geography and history.

Decorative sculptures, at the top of the columns of the porches resembling the support of classical sculpture.
Syncretism of cultures and archeology of the future.

Paris Asian Art Fair

Paris Asian Art Fair’s opening last night. I came across some very appreciated themes, the artists I love or discover: Shoi's ceramics at the Maria Lund gallery, Rieko Koga's embroidery, Knitted baby sweaters full of tenderness and Aquilizan's couple humor, second hand clothes from Yuki Onodera. Universes resonating along with my current works.
Tonight is the FIAC's opening. A not to be missed Annual event of contemporary art. Exciting.