In Saint-Cloud Studio.

In Saint-Cloud Studio.

Ceramics and fabrics.

I return to 2017's piece of art called Le reliquaire jaune (the yellow reliquary): anatomy of a small flyer. Porcelain, fabrics, coloring and wood. Each piece is wrapped in cloth, labeled and classified.
Against the hardness of the porcelain, the precision of the stretched lines, the definite, the definitive. The splintering made me feel overwhelmed, the softness of the fabric, the silkiness, the mystery in the transparent, the cover.
Due to the invading disorder, I need to classify, make a list and arrange things.
It is a necessity.

Model for the Tree of life.

The earth and the tree

This 2018 art work proposes another association of materials: ceramics and wood. The earth and the tree. The wooden sticks contribute to the strength and stability of the Circles. The circular and the linear. They also allow the assembly in different ways like a game. They are cells, living organisms. Plants as well as planets as individuals.