The calcined sculptures

It snows. I write from my bedroom.

Look into the past? I prefer to look forward!

Then move forward and re-appropriate the past.

We read in the stories and legends where the heroes to reach the love of the princess, they must cross a dark forest full of danger. It cannot take another way. It is the path of initiation.

The monsters walk freely in the workshop: I have good company; I have to choose what to take and what to leave.

The calcined sculptures. Aligned as soldiers. Filled with dust.

Made in 2008. Varnished in wood oven. I remember trying to capture the dark charcoal and the subtle grays and whites of the ash. In this time I burned everything. Fascinated by the colors in black and infinite whites. It's a pretty dramatic picture of death. I knew it was not a road where I would stay for a long time. Here we have a picture of burnt lemons.