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Pascale Fournier is a french artist born in the USA. She studied History and Archeology at the University of Nanterre Paris X.

Fascinated by the theather, Pascale Fournier approaches the scenography work by her collaboration with set designer Philippe Kerbrat: creation of costumes and decor at l’Opéra de Paris, at the Théâtre de Paris, at the Comédie Française and at l’Odéon.


She is known as a costume designer for her predilection in contemporary works, such as the creations of Yasmina Reza: Conversation après un enterrement (1987 Théâtre de la Villette), La Traversée de l’hiver (1990 Cado d’Orléans – Théâtre du Rond-Point) ART(1994 Comédie des Champs-Élysées) Trois versions de la vie (2000 Théâtre Antoine). As well as her longstanding collaboration with director Patrice Kerbrat Tabarro (Opéra de Paris 1982) Paillasse (Opéra de Paris 1982) Père (Comédie Française) Un Coeur Français (Comédie des Champs Elysées) Long voyage vers la nuit (Théâtre de la Madeleine) Oncle Vania (Théâtre Antoine).

At the beginning of the 90's, Pascale Fournier began her career as a visual artist. She perfected her art and technique surrounded by a large group of artist. As an Historian, the artist draws with happiness the origins of Western culture: Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Etruscan, Celtic, Romanesque. All around her travels and discovering her sources of inspiration were multiplying. South America, Africa, Mexico. She works on installations that combine visuals, music and sounds for  "Archéologies du Futur", her company created in 2016.

Pascale Fournier uses the plastic potential of ceramics. She developed a method that combines traditional sculpture and modeling, pouring or stamping into molds and software carving and 3D printing. This gives her great freedom for the realization of single pieces or small series.

She exhibits in France and abroad.

2018 – Lien. Evolutionary exhibition at D'Galerie from May 15 to 27 - as a part of the Biennale de Dakar.

2018 – February, March residency at Grüber-Jez Foundation, Cholul Yucatán, México; exhibition project with 2 young artists

2017 – Oye como hablan  collective exposition – Galerie Lux Perpetua Merida, Yucatan

2017 – Exhibition Akna at the Alliance Française de Merida, Yucatan

2017 - January, February residence at the Fondation Grüber-Jez, Cholul Yucatán, México.

New workspace in the Morvan.
2016 – As a part of the exhibition Tendre porcelaine de Saint-Cloud Pascale Fournier shows the 3D printing into porcelain. Encourage children's workshop.

2016 – Exhibition Présences – off Dakar - Sénégal

2016 - Pascale Fournier founded in 2016 the society  Archéologies du Futur focused on installation of multimedia and artworks in collaboration with other artist.

2015 – Wasp acquisition and investigations: 3D printings into porcelaine.

2015 - Stages  AFDAS - ISQ Qualification in Services Intellectuels Zbrush: from the scan to the 3D printing. Stages level 1 and 2 for porcelaine.

2014 – Galerie Art Atak (San Francisco- USA)

September 2013  - Performance with the artist Cameroonian Simon Binna   

2013 - Laureate of the international sculpture contest from Parque Levante.
Exhibition in the Fondation Gabarron, Espagne

2013 -  Inauguration of the Parque del Cerro Timbo. Punta del Este. Uruguay

2013 – Laureate of the contest  We are and you ZSpace (San Francisco -  USA)


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