Pascale Fournier founded in 2016 "Archéologies du Futur" which aims to fulfill the installations of multimedia and pieces of work in collaboration and partnership with other artists.



This installation impacts in the sculpture, music, light and sounds. Collaboration with The Sound Designer Francis Wargnier.


"Installation Silentia Pompeii"

Our evocation is divided into 9 thematic scenes.

  1. THE FOUNTAINS OF POMPEI - Luxuria placidam volupte. Water, access to water remains vital and universal.
  2. SUMMER STORM IN CAMPANIE- For storm, orchestra, cicadas and rain. Good rain. Premonitory announcement?
  3. POMPEI MARKETS- For percussion, wind instruments, sounds and vocals. Multicultural and multiracial society worthy of our contemporary cities, the Campanie welcomed people from all around the Mediterranean.
  4. POMPEII'S VICTORIES- For percussion, brass, crowd and chorus. The power and the money. Pompeii in great ceremony.
  5. WORK IN THE CAMPANIE FIELDS for sounds, voice and orchestra. The land that nourishes, but also richness for the one who owns it. Slavery.
  6. THE GREAT SPIRAL ERUPTION- Large spiral orchestra and large spiral of geological sounds.
  7. THE ASHES, THE TWILIGHT- Is linked without silence with the previous scene. For orchestra, choir, fire.
  8. SILENCE - ANDANTE PRESTO For orchestra, sounds of smoke, swallowed distant screams, flies.
  9. FLY AND END- For orchestra, children's chorus, bird songs and bird wings. Hope is reborn, life begins again and joy. The Forgotten. The Memory

Silentia Pompeii does not tell the story of Pompeii, but is a poetic evocation of this rich and opulent Roman city devastated by an earthquake in 65 AD and the historic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

This event, historically dated and known to all, deals with themes that are always very topical:

Disaster, sudden disappearance, sudden stoppage, erasure, engulfment, helplessness and fear of men.

Whether it is fire or lava, the earth that trembles and dies, the sea that engulfs each day, raging winds that destroy and tear everything apart, these themes affect each of us.

There is a before and after disaster. The silences follow the eruption. Hope and life resume.






Photographic project by Pascale Fournier and Francis Wargnier. Space research around clothing and movement. Taming the space.


"PF by FW at Chassy""

New modes of appropriation create a new perception of places.

  • Pascale Fournier recorded her movement in an auto archaeological confrontation between this farmhouse of the 14th and 17th century and the fashion, the feminine clothing of the 21st century.
  • Archeology of the future. Pascale looks, shows, express herself: between mode and time stopped.
  • Monograph of the ephemeral, carved time, archeology of the moment: The photography.


"Since my childhood the garment inhabits my imagination, haunts me and enchants me. Whether it is cloth or weaving, theatrical costume, uniform, ceremonial, festive or simple everyday clothing, clothing is language; it protects, envelops, reveals, sublime, but it is also a link between the inside and the outside, the intimate and the social "

Pascale Fournier

"In the same way as music, photography as a composition of space. Here, everything is archeology, and the next moment, in the Modus Vivendi, proposes an Archeology of the Future. Write with space time, by association of photographic moments. The garment, the model, the stone or the spider, everything mixes. Vertigo of an uncountable plural "

Francis Wargnier




Decorative sculptures at the top of the piles of the walls, pillars of portals such as the depreciation of the classical sculpture. Pascale Fournier is inspired by places for the creation of decorative sculptures.

"Coq Celte sur le mur du verger"



Pascale Fournier intervenes in situ in the landscape to create a poetic universe using the resources of the place and its ancestral traditions: plant, braid willows and charms, assemble, stack stones.


"Vieille charmille"