The artist’s make-to-order and special occasions process.

Once the request form is received, the artist will get in touch with the client who will explain his/her wishes and requirements of the piece of art.

The project design presented by a dummy and sketch will allow the artist to identify the specific request and to agree on the right price.

Choosing the techniques and materials.

The selection of techniques and  materials will depend on the proposal chosen by the client and on the type of piece of art and its dimensions.

Manufacturing time.

The time of manufacture is variable.

Order form.

The client will sign the budget and will pay  50% 


Delivery time.

The time of the sculpture’s manufacture is variable from 3 to 6 weeks according to customer's choice.

Shipping methods.

The sculpture will be packed and shipped in a wooden box by dhl International.  Due to it is not possible to know the shipment’s cost in advance, we will add it to the payment and we will make you know of it in the budget balance.  Along with the piece of art you will receive an invoice and a certificate of authenticity.





The process is 100% customizable, made from handcrafted techniques and with the ability to ship worldwide.

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